3 Awesome Ideas To Go Viral With Your Next Blog Post

3 Awesome Ideas To Go Viral With Your Next Blog Post

Do you want your blog post to go viral?

The major problem faced by bloggers is the next ‘thing’ to write about. No matter your passionate you’re about a subject, a time would come when you’ll be blank. It would seem as though you’re a novice. Sometimes, you know what to write about, but the steps to begin is your challenge. I’ve been there before and fortunately, several blogs have written on blog post ideas.

Today, I want to take it a lot deeper. There is no use writing a post that only you can read. The ideas I’m about unveiling is going to work for the beginner, the intermediate and the pro bloggers. You’re going to see your blog across several authority blogs and web 2.0 sites.

What Makes Content Go Viral?

I know that sometimes, your content can go viral, even without your knowledge of how it happened. But successful marketers don’t trust “luck” to deliver success to them. They simply go out, with the right tools and achieve whatever they want. It’s not easy, but it’s achievable.

viral marketing principles 3 Awesome Ideas To Go Viral With Your Next Blog Post

When you’re done with this page, your next blog post is going viral, once you apply the strategies here.

Oh, it seems I haven’t answered that question above. Well, your content can only go viral when it has 3 qualities. They are:

Solves a problem
Pique/create interest
Interesting stuff
Solve One Particular Problem
Everyone is looking for the right solution to their everyday problems. If you can pinpoint one unique problem, that needs immediate answer and write about it, your chances of going viral is enhanced. But every niche have their problems, for those of us who are into internet marketing, blogging and all those make money jargons, we know the major problem we have. Targeted traffic is #1.

But you don’t have to write 5 ways to drive traffic and expect people to share it. All you’ve to do is, explore the pros and cons of one specific traffic generation strategy, know how it works, implement it, and then come out with proofs of how it helped you.

Blog posts that have proofs to back it up, always go viral. So, you don’t have to be blank on blog ideas anymore, the strategy I just explained can be channeled to other areas of interest. Even in the ever questionable “make money online” niche, you can actually go viral, when you write intelligent posts, with proofs to back it up.

I see a lot of bloggers writing generic posts every now and then, and wonder why no one is linking to them. Thank God you know the problem right now. If you keep writing about your passion and what happened to your wife on her way to work, you aren’t going anywhere. Lol!

Create Interest
The next blog post you should write should create interest. For instance, during the recent Google panda updates, I quickly wrote a blog post, got it published and before I knew what was happening, it’s all over the web. I saw a lot of pingback (well, you know what that means?)

A topic that is hot can always “interest” people. Why? It’s because, when friends gather, they talk about that particular topic, and they decided that whoever gets an update must forward it to all. If you happen to update on that topic, your post becomes a viral magnet.

Remember, once you snag your content and push the viral button, it never stops. I learnt this strategy from a prolific super affiliate, Yanik Silver.

So, start creating interest on every post you make. It could be a guest post, it doesn’t matter – the real definition of viral marketing goes everywhere. Guest posts that create interest often win, in the game of viral marketing.

Interesting Content
The last blog post you can create should be interesting. I’ve actually shared 10s of contents to my Twitter fans, just because I liked those contents. In the real sense, it never solved any problem for me, I wasn’t going to make money for sharing it, but something inside of me enticed me to share it.

Interesting content usually come with out-of-the-box idea. For instance, I learned how to write interestingly by adding slight humor and tease to content. Everyone loves to laugh, and if you can cause a little bit of it, without annoying anyone, be ready for the consequences of viral distribution.

Another interesting content that goes viral could be the ones written with “acronyms.” This means you should explain a popular topic using acronyms. E.g. I recently published a blog post on “How To I.N.C.R.E.A.S.E. Targeted Traffic.” Believe me; this particular post scoured the entire web like hot moss.

Final Note

The above 3 ideas can put your next blog post on steroids, drive you massive targeted traffic, increase your readership base, and reduce your work-load by 85%. Why not put these steps to work in your business, and see the results speak for themselves – see you at the top!

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