Top 4 New Genesis Child Themes for FREE

Top 4 New Genesis Child Themes for FREE

Long time ago since my collection of free child themes for Genesis was published. Many things have been changed for AZBlogTips after testing different themes and theme frameworks from Thesis, Genesis to Theme Junkie. It has finally been switched back to Genesis with two reasons.

Many readers emailed me saying that my Thesis skin is very slow or not compatible with different browsers. I tested myself and also using Google Speed tool to monitor and I admit that the old skins seems a bit slow.
CopyBlogger has just released its old design for FREE. I must say that I do love his design very much and the giveaway inspired me to switch back to Genesis. The new design loads very fast based on Pingdom Tools and it is much easier to customize too.
So, you understand why I switched back to this free child theme. Yes, it is FREE but it is much matched to my purpose that paid child themes could not handle. I have done some customization to CopyBlogger child theme and it looks cool now.

Please note that all Genesis child themes are not stand-alone version. That means, you need to have Genesis framework license to make these child themes work.

Here are other child themes for your pick:

  1. CopyBlogger Free Child Theme for Genesis
    If you are CopyBlogger’s regular readers, you will know that this child theme has been used for a long time before it switched to Genesis. Many bloggers expressed or even cloned this child theme for their own blog but now, no need to do that kind of work as you can get its original version for FREE.

Features: 6 page layouts, 3 theme colors, custom background, custom header, custom menus, footer widgets, threaded comments

copyblogger Top 4 New Genesis Child Themes for FREE
CopyBblogger Free Child Theme

CopyBlogger Demo | Download

If you want to change the logo from text to image, you need to add a piece of code below to you style.css and upload your logo.png to image folder of your child theme. Remember to choose image logo in the Theme Settings. This is what what AZBlogTips has done.

header .wrap {

background: url(images/logo.png) left no-repeat;
height: 108px;
margin: 0 auto;
width: 960px;

  1. Sample Child Theme for Genesis:
    Sample is a also a great child theme for Genesis and it is FREE too. The layout looks bright and elegant and very much suitable for those who love simplicity.

Features: 6 page layouts, custom background, custom header, custom menus, footer widgets, threaded comments

sample Top 4 New Genesis Child Themes for FREE
Sample Free Child Theme

Sample Demo | Download

  1. 24k Free Child Theme For Genesis
    This child theme name is so strange but its layout looks very cool to me. The color and borders looks very elegant. I am sure that many of you will love it too.

Features: 6 page layouts, custom background, custom header, custom menus, footer widgets, threaded comments

24k Top 4 New Genesis Child Themes for FREE
24K Free Child Theme

24K Demo | Download

  1. Okeko Child Theme for Genesis
    I had a chance to share with you all two free child themed for Genesis from TeethGrinder and now, you will see the third one which has just been released in November: Okeko

The Okeko child theme includes the following features:

3 layout options (Content-Sidebar, Sidebar-Content, Full Width)
7 theme colors (turquoise, red, blue, green, light blue, orange and dark gray)
custom background
featured images
footer widgets
threaded comments
Genesis Slider ready
Genesis Grid Loop ready.
Okeko Top 4 New Genesis Child Themes for FREE
Okeko Free Child Theme for Genesis

Okeko Demo | Download

That is a great list for Genesis fans including AZBlogTips. I hope you find the list useful for your blog.

Again, all of Genesis child themes must run with Genesis framework. You can not use these free child themes alone.

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