Top 5 Blogging Nightmares And How To Eliminate Them For Success

Top 5 Blogging Nightmares And How To Eliminate Them For Success

What are blogging nightmares?

There are times when blogging turn against you. At these times in your blogging business, nothing would seem to work. It’s like you’ve committed an unpardonable sin. Everyone has sad blogging stories. In my first 4 months of blogging, with all the efforts I put into writing quality blog posts, nothing worked. Money wasn’t coming in. I kept rotating affiliate offers that promise to make me thousands overnight.

I was in my nightmares. Does it sound similar or related to your life issues? That’s where I come in. I’ll show you the five basic blogging nightmares and five ways to eliminate them for success.

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Top 5 Blogging Nightmares 1 By 1

  1. Lack Of Targeted Traffic

    The first nightmare that stayed longer was lack of targeted traffic. Note that I didn’t say there weren’t visitors on my blog. In fact, I could remember the day I got over 200 real visitors to my 2 months old blog. But none of these visitors were targeted. As a result of this, all my offers and content were left unturned.

Maybe you’re still in the middle of this nightmare and don’t know what else to do. My humble advice is simple: stop chasing “every” traffic generation system. Concentrate on proven systems especially search engine optimization and guest posting. By scaling these up, you would drive avalanche of targeted and buying traffic to your blog.

  1. Lack Of Money

    Everyone has tasted a slice of this nightmare. It took me about 2 whole years to make my first $100 and that was from article marketing system called “bum marketing.”

It’s a blogging nightmare to stay without money. How do you get motivated when there is nothing coming in? We all know the #1 purpose of setting up a business – to make profit. But don’t be perturbed, you’re not the only one suffering from this.

And to eliminate this ugly cliché, start by setting a goal on how much you want to earn per month, and map out clear strategies to achieve it. If you do not write your goals down, it means you aren’t serious about attaining them.

  1. Guest Post Rejected

    How do you feel when all your efforts are burned?

Guest posting is the most powerful traffic and blog marketing system available today. You could literally send real live traffic to your blog or landing page, build your subscriber base quickly and profit big time.

But when your guest post doesn’t make it to that A-list blog, no benefits would be accrued. I’m an avid guest blogger and have written over 220 in the past 4 months.

There are several factors that contribute to your guest post approval. But take two very seriously. They are: attractive title and quality content. Master the skills to create powerful benefit-driven title and write quality and interesting content – get a “YES” 98% of the time.

  1. Writers Block Syndrome

    This problem is so common among bloggers and freelance writers. Often, the brain would go blank and you wonder what’s happening. Deep down in you, there are thoughts you want to write about, but what angle should you approach them from?

If you experience writer’s block all the time, there is something you can do. Start by jotting down every post idea that comes to you. Read every book you could lay your hands on. It mustn’t be books or information on your niche all the time. Get to know what’s happening around you so you can invite this into your writing.

Every niche has its own idea blockage. Even on my coupon blog where I feature sittercity coupon and 6pm discounts. But creativity would get you through.

Reading helps increase your vocabulary, and force your creative ability to respond with a big “YES.” This blogging nightmare can be eliminated by constant reading and taking baby steps towards your goal.

  1. Lack Of Paying Clients

    Are you a freelancer?

Then you should know the importance of attracting paying clients. When these clients are high paying, it makes the whole freelance business blissful. There are ready clients all over the web. The fact that you don’t have them today doesn’t mean you have failed.

You’ve got to focus. At the beginning of my freelance writing career, I could barely pay my web hosting subscription fee. But all that has changed now – high paying clients are knocking my feet off with writing jobs.

While waiting for these clients to come. You need to build a portfolio. Start writing guest posts for yourself and archive every published article you’ve. It’s going to land you a big deal one day. Ensure you don’t substitute quality for quantity in your freelance marketing activities. Give the best always and your savior client would appear faster than you imagined.

Blogging Takeaway

All these nightmares and helpful advice will not work for you until you step out. It’s action that produces results.

When you’re equipped with the right knowledge, it becomes an edge that guides you in life and business. But action brings your dreams to reality. I challenge you to do something unique today – make your world a better place and reap great dividends. See you ahead!

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