Affiliate Marketing Business – 5 Exceptional Ways To Boost Your Affiliate Commissions Fast

Affiliate Marketing Business – 5 Exceptional Ways To Boost Your Affiliate Commissions Fast

What has affiliate marketing done for you?

Millions of lives have been transformed around the world. All thanks to this 21st century business system. With proper approach and delivery, you would earn more in this business and become the next “super affiliate” without all the hassles.

I know all the news going on around the web. The so-called gurus have made it difficult for beginners to make money. They tell you to work really hard to build your email list and then market to them.

But believe me; you don’t need to work hard. You need to work “smart.”

By perching on the wings of a responsible and viable marketer, all the struggles and hard work would be eliminated and you’re to simply press the blue button. But that doesn’t mean you should fold your arms and watch the money flow into your bank account. You’ve got to invest some time and resources.

Affiliate Marketing Business 600×383 Affiliate Marketing Business 5 Exceptional Ways To Boost Your Affiliate Commissions Fast

  1. Know Your Marketing Role
    People do not earn substantial money from affiliate marketing because they’ve missed the role as affiliate marketers and thought they are selling.

“As an affiliate, you’re not selling to anyone but pre-selling.”

Every marketing offer you present out there should portray the real essence of doing business. When you connect with people in their own level, and show them how to use a particular product without all the pushy and quirky marketing, your automatically increase your conversion rate.

For over 2 years, I spent all my life groaning and pointing accusing fingers on others. I didn’t realize what my roles were. Whatever format you’re using to attract buyers; articles, press release, JV partnerships, social media marketing etc? Play your role and the sales page would sell and put money into your account.

  1. Switch To “Problem-oriented” Niches
    Some niche would make you more money than others. It’s unfortunate that beginners often start with “money making niche” and that’s where their problems begin. I’ve talked to successful affiliates and 96% of them earn the bulk of their income from non internet marketing related niches.

What’s left for you? If you’re still struggling to make a tangible extra income, you should consider switching to “problem-oriented” niches. These are rabid markets with plenty of problems that need immediate solution. Health and PC software are profitable niches you could venture into and rake in cash. When someone has a problem, they would be likely looking for quick solutions – be their savior and profit with less effort.

  1. Master Copywriting Skill
    Can you convince prospects to take action right now? That’s where call to action marketing come in. You need to hone your copywriting skills and apply it to your offers. How would you feel when a potential prospect is bored of your article and video?

Like I said above, you’re not selling, only pre-selling. When you write better content and deliver to the right people, you see sales go through the roof.

Prospects need emotional triggers to buy. They buy out of emotion and justify it with logic. You’re still reading this article because it’s enjoyable. As a copywriter, I know what ingredients to add to make you stay glued. Apply the same to any affiliate product and service you promote and increase your earnings.

  1. Show Snapshots And Video
    Sales usually increase when you show a snapshot of your e-book or software to prospects. This is why buying the product is necessary. But you can still promote any product even though you haven’t used it. Only make sure you’ve the snapshot and prove that it works.

You could ask the product owner to provide you with few pages as snapshot. Whenever you publish a new product review or blog post, you display this snapshot. You could also show a video of you scrolling and reading the pages. This tip would increase your chances of turning a sale almost instantly.

Affiliate marketing works best when you have proofs to backup your claims. If you claim the product works, why not give prospects a taste of what’s in it for them?

  1. Reveal Product Flaws And Proffer Solutions
    As long as the benefits outweigh the flaws, you would definitely convert sales. So, when you write your product reviews, be honest and reveal the vital parts of it. Don’t be engrossed with the benefits and forget the flaws.

Why should you highlight the faults/flaws?

It’s simple. There is no perfect product on earth and never will be. Prospects are savvy and know when you’re trying to hijack their hard earned money. Each time you broadcast benefits only without showing the weaknesses, prospects back off.

Instead, make it real and get their thoughts verified. Showcase what makes the product good and also throw in the ugly part. If you’re reviewing a learn French software, highlight the basic features and benefits and dont’ forget to mention the flaws too.

But guess what? Before you finish writing your review, provide a solution to the fault in a natural state. Sit back and watch the cash gush out like a broken money machine.

Affiliate Marketing Takeaway

I’m giving you a wake-up call. It’s time you take the mantle and begin to earn decent income with affiliate marketing. All the hassles associated with product creation and running a membership site is absent with this business model. Focus your energy on the core aspect alone “marketing” and you would succeed.

You could apply these marketing techniques to any affiliate business model. It’s not limited to digital downloads alone. Even on physical products and such as Panasonic Lumix ZR1 digital camera,

By taking baby steps today, you would boost your affiliate checks at the end of this month. It all boils down to your confidence and how savvy your marketing is. See you ahead!

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