How To Drive Buying Traffic To Your Blog And Make Extra Income Easily

How To Drive Buying Traffic To Your Blog And Make Extra Income Easily

Do you want to make extra money from your blog?

The goal of setting up a business is to make profit, and blogging is not different. In fact, blogging is like every other business in the real world. Real estate, manufacturing, coaching, services etc. They all have similar operational systems. The medium of distribution is the only slight difference. If you want to make more money, then you need to do extra thing.

I’ve discovered something shocking. When I first launched my blog that reviews household products like acronis coupons, VMWare coupons and icontact coupons, I didn’t sell because the traffic wasn’t targeted. Although I got over 200 visitors daily, the conversation rate was less than 1%.

marketing targeted traffic How To Drive Buying Traffic To Your Blog And Make Extra Income Easily

What you need the most is “TARGETED TRAFFIC.” These types of traffic are ready to take action like; read your blog posts and subscribe to your email list. Let me show you how I do it so you can replicate.

  1. Network With Successful Bloggers
    A single connection with a popular blogger can increase your online credibility and generate real cash for you. You network by contributing to their blog posts, attending their free and paid seminars and webinars. As time goes by, you ask for ways to be of help to them. You could also connect and network with top bloggers from social media networks like LInkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

All in all, you need to perch on someone’s shoulder most of the time to breakthrough.

  1. Guest Posting On A-List Blogs
    This strategy of driving targeted traffic to your blog is often talked about by several bloggers. But only a few actually do it. Some bloggers hate writing and I think that’s the reason they suffer and complain of their blog’s state.

However, the blog you submit your guest post to matters. Do you know that a single guest post on an A-list blog can yield more results than 10 guest posts on other infant blogs? Yes, that’s the reality. Start targeting those big dogs in your niche. Don’t be afraid of rejection – It’s a part of doing business online. Some people would reject you while others will accept.

  1. Create Short and Quality Video Clips
    Videos are powerful and can send thousands of fresh readers to your blog. You’ve been writing articles for a long time and it seem nothing is happening to your marketing efforts, why not try video marketing. It’s a lot easier these days when you use Frontpage. Simply convert your presentation to video using any free ppt to video software and upload.

I have seen video clips with over 1000 unique views within 24 hours of getting unto Youtube. People are tired of reading every word on a page; they need something shorter, smarter and straight to the point. Videos deliver on this without boring the viewer. Ensure you embed your web page link on the video as it plays. Viewers would come to your blog through the links and buy your product.

There you’ve it, the exceptional ways to eliminate blogging failures, drive targeted traffic to your blog and make money from your affiliate products, services and consulting business. Take full advantage of it and me at the top!

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